Speed vs Antivirus vs Security

If you encounter these technical issues to your gadget such as slowing down of the operating system, the device will shut down, the screen will hang up, your applications won’t open, the applications stop working or when you plug the USB cord from your phone or tab to the computer, it will detect a virus, these several problems normally occurred in our devices. You should download free antivirus for android to protect your gadget from the security threats.

Is the speed affected?

Most of the Android antivirus users experience the typical scenario of lag with their gadgets, there are many factors that may contribute to this scenario including the applications are not updated for several weeks or months, limited memory and processor to handle multiple active apps, invasion of security threats or virus, risky internet sites, poor version of the device to run high-resolution applications and graphics, many antiviruses are installed and the antivirus consumed too much memory usage. Users are doubtful to execute an app that will protect the overall contents of their devices because of its disadvantage of slowing down the device’s system. That’s why the utility app developers are brainstorming to improve Meilleur Antivirus Android and fix its bugs in a regular maintenance period. In today’s generation, many best antivirus for android are offered and bear no effect on the battery life and do not hamper the system of your device.

Why does an antivirus be crucial?

A need for Meilleur Antivirus Android is significant in order to protect your privacy and security. The hackers are becoming genius as to the manipulation of the applications, programs, and websites. A counter action should be initiated to avoid these unnecessary and illicit activities of these hackers. There are several ways on how a keystroke logger can control and have unnoticeable access to your gadget that’s why the developers are creating several Antivirus for android to overcome the risk in terms of security issues. Select among the Free antivirus for android that will manage your device and some of the popular ones are Avast Mobile Security, AVG Antivirus, Lookout Mobile Security, Bitdefender Antivirus Security, and Norton Antivirus. No need to feel anxious regarding the technical issues of your phone in terms of its operating system because this antivirus can administer your device in its full performance without being interrupted.

The Verdict

You must assess first Meilleur Antivirus Android, read its reviews and blogs pertaining to the protection program. You have to search the software thoroughly, learn how to run it and always update the antivirus software.

Forge of Empires Cheats and Hack

Level Up Your Forge of Empires Game Through Hacks & Cheats

The Inno Games published and developed Forge of Empires and released last April 17, 2012. The trend of the game risen during 2013 because there are 10 million users played the game. In 2014, it was launched in iPad and iPhone as well as released last 2015 in Android version. The game is compared as to its resemblance to Clash of Clans and Sims City. It has been awarded during 2013 as Deutscher Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Award) for Best Browser Game and MMO Award for Best Strategy Browser MMO. The popularity of the game has made the hackers to develop Forge of Empires Hack and Forge of Empires Cheats for efficient gameplay.

List of Hack and Cheats Sites to Assist Your Game Play

To supply yourself with unlimited diamonds, gold, and cash, try these amazing Forge of Empires Hack, very reliable and provide a quick response as to your needs. The lists of the hacking sites are based on the rankings upon searching the keyword, ‘Forge of Empires Hack and Cheats’.

Number 1

This hacking tool browser promises to give you additional diamonds and gold in just a snap. It requires you to submit your username and you can able to see the connection status displayed on their hacking tool user interface.

Number 2

This is one of the great hacking pages because it has many features written on its site. Achieve 9,999,999 coins, gold, and diamonds and forge points by using their Forge of Empires cheats service. Apart from those conveniences, it can also speed up your game; provide security to encrypted connections and proxies. By entering the icon, ‘go to hack’, it will redirect you to the page that requires your username or e-mail inputs then enter the world that you played on thereafter, you will need to find the words en12 or n14 on the URL of the game and finally, add the amount of coins, diamonds, gold or forge points you wanted to add on your account.

Number 3

In this site, there are no browsers but you will be provided with a downloadable launcher to execute the hacking and Forge of Empires Cheats. You can download it in your Android or iOS. The chief features include infinite gold, diamonds, forge points and supplies.

Number 4

A launcher is also the main hacking tool of this site. You may download the launcher for free and execute cheats and hacks. All you need to do is to encode your username, enter the amount of coins and diamonds that you want and be surprised of the amazing result!

Number 5

There is no need to do the jailbreak or root on your device because this site offers a downloadable hacking launcher that will provide you with indefinite supplies, gold, and diamonds. It can also unlock upgrades and disable advertisements that are very disturbing when playing the game. The user interface is pretty much easy to run and no need to insert your username or e-mail. This is compatible and available to iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Mac. It greatly deals with optimum speed, updates, security and other features beneficial to the user. Moreover, it is recently updated last February 3, 2016.


The Good and the Bad: Effects of Video Games on Children

It’s hard to qualify whether video games should be good or bad thing. Video games are an integral part of our modern age, they give their players the chance to be in the shoes of someone else, look at things through their eyes and experience their experiences. Many parents, media and a good number of medical specialists consider video games as nothing more than an arbitrary waste of time and money, which do nothing but rot their children’s mind. That being said, there’s not really much evidence to all those claims. On the contrary, playing video games may actually benefit your kids, read how in this article!

Video Games Are Bad for You? That’s What They Said About Rock N’ Roll!

No matter what others say, there really are a lot of benefits to playing video games, within reason of course. Psychologist C. Shawn Green believes that like any other exercise, video games change the way your brain works, improving the neural circuits that form your brain.

  1. Playing video games causes children to focus on the instructions they are provided to achieve success and rewards. Honestly, what parent doesn’t want that?
  2. Many games help children develop their logic reasoning and problem solving, as they are given a vast amount of information to use to achieve their objectives and goals. This causes the brain to work harder to find the best, viable option for success, most of the time keeping other variables in mind.
  3. Resource management and decision making is a very important skill that many children also learn through playing games. Should you use your resources now or try to save them and use them to make something more powerful? Decisions like these train children to look at numerous variable in the game and make decisions that should benefit them in the long run. Definitely something you need when your trying to build a fortune as an adult.
  4. Games that incorporate a lot of information in quick succession, like competitive military shooting games, tend to teach children to plan and hoes their hand-eye coordination, as well as motor skills (just like any good outdoor sport would). The result, is a child capable of being able to make quick decisions with good logical planning and reasoning.
  5. Strategy games like StarCraft 2 also their players key mathematical principals to ensure effective resource management, whereas the military setting of the game once again teaches the player to hone their awareness and logical decision making skills. Definitely beats leaning math the conventional way.
  6. Along with all this, games increase concentration, improve memory, work as a team and encourage children to explore creative ways to achieve their goals and objectives. Perseverance is also a very important skill that is imbued through video games.

That all being said…

There’s no doubt video games can do a lot of good for your kids, but it’s also important to be aware of all the bad it can do for them too.

  1. One of the biggest arguments against video games is the amount of violence they portray and how it affects the minds of young individuals. Studies like Anderson & Bushman (2001) point out how excessive violence portrayal in video games tend to make children prone to aggressive behavior and violence themselves. In these games, the act of violence is used as a primary means of achieving the players’ goals, causing the child to indulge in instance after instance of virtual violence; a fundamental tool of learning behavior, according to Anderson & Dill (2000). Bodies such as the American Psychological Association (APA) have addressed this correlation between violence and video games but admits there is little substantial and concrete evidence to support this claim.
  2. Another argument is that playing games causes children to become socially inept and isolated from society. This can be agreed in cases of excessive gaming exposure, where children spend upwards to five hours a day playing video games. Such situations tend to cause a kind of video game addiction in the children, which sees them skipping school and social activities just to make more time for gaming. This can have a very damaging result as the child’s cognitive skills deteriorate over time and causes problem for the child in other aspects of life.
  3. While well thought-out and creative gaming designs help children generate more awareness, games that predominately indulge in violence have the effect of essentially ‘dumbing’ down the child, where the solution to every problem is usually a show of violence or brute force rather than ingenious, creative thinking.
  4. Children who may suffer from personality issues and complexes usually turn to video games to relieve their anxieties and end up drowning themselves in the game, usually popular, high octane, violent ones to create an illusion of identity in their minds. As a result, many children start unconsciously adopting these principals and behaviors, for better or for worse.
  5. As an extension of the last point, many games these days are very realistic and lifelike. While this is a marvelous technological feat, it serves to dangerously blur the lines between reality and fantasy for many gamers who are suffering from any of the aforementioned points.

So, are video games good or bad for children?

There really isn’t much substantial evidence against video gaming out there right now, but like anything, even video gaming in excess can have damaging effects on children. Parents should really take the initiative to monitor the amount of time spent playing a game and the kinds of games played, to make sure their child is extracting something beneficial from his/her experience. Only you can really judge whether video gaming is a tool for the development of your child, or something to avoid like the plague.

Deus Ex Logo

Deus Ex 2 Game Information

How Did the Series of the Deus Ex Chronology Begin?

Deus Ex is an action role playing video game that has a series of sequels. The chronology started from Fallen Angel, Icarus Effect, The Fall, Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, Deus Ex then succeeds by the sequel of the Invisible War. This article aims to focus on the Deus Ex II, also known as Deus Ex: Invisible War

Game Features

Deus Ex II is a product game intended for the platforms of Microsoft Windows and XBOX as well as utilizes Unreal Engine 2 for gaming console framework. It is a creation of the innovation of the team, Ion Storm as the developer, Eidos Interactive as the publishing company, Warren Spector and Harvey Smith as the game and graphic designers and Alex Brandon as the composer.

Invisible War of Deus Ex is a game related to cyberpunk characters and plot. Its genre can be characterized as a Scientific and fiction based structure. The user/player has the preference to choose what gameplay and plot that the player desire. The game’s era had been already in the year 2072 in which advanced technology, fully armored gears and high-tech weapons such as for melee, firearms and grenades as well as other ammunitions to defend the city from terrorist attacks, chaos and threats.

The Plot of Deus Ex 2: Invisible War

To give you an exclusive compressed detail about the game play itself, here goes its outline.
The synopsis of the game revolves around terrorism. The inception of the game starts in Chicago, where the city is being annihilated and invaded by terrorist attacks, the main character who is the protagonist of Deus Ex – Alex D, he and the other Tarcus evacuees transferred to another premise known as “Tarcus facility”. Billie Adams, who is a Tarcus trainee, revealed a conspiracy to Alex D regarding Tarcus trainees. The trainees are being used for a biomodification program and laboratory as test subjects. Furthermore, the allied forces of the Knights Templar militants soon attacked the Tarcus facility. Along the journey, Billie Adams told Alex D, that she is an active member of the Order Church forces and ask Alex to join the Order so that together they will be able to gain sufficient knowledge and defeat the real enemy. In the middle of the course of the game, Alex D went through a series of missions such as Liberty Island, Cairo, New York, Antarctica and Trier. He also found out that he had a clone in the name of JC Denton, the main character in the first sequel who is up for the mission of seeking global democracy through bioengineering. Denton works for the ApostleCorp, the conspiracy begins here as ApostleCorp (an Illuminati group), who have complete control over the WTO and Order, the latter was motivated to invade and rule the world using the ideas of Denton while the Knights Templar are there to eliminate the activities of the WTO and Order. This is the reason why, it is referred to as an Invisible War