The Secrets of a Successful Copywriter

The online marketplace has significantly evolved during the last decade; and this has led to an increased demand for experienced copywriters. Web pages, blogs, e-commerce stores and web-based applications all need quality content, and this is where you come in. As a copywriter, your job would be to provide compelling content for clients of various niches; and this may include marketing collateral as well. Copy-writing is definitely back in demand – and it will continue to be.

Being a successful copywriter means you have a variety of skills to offer; especially when it comes to promoting your clients’ products and services. It does not simply mean you are able to write a full page of text; but rather that you can write that page in a way that makes visitors want to come back for more. If you are looking for ways to improve your skills and grow your business, there are a few aspects that you should consider.

Choose an industry that you really enjoy writing about. This will give you an edge – think of a professional bodybuilder writing about the latest trends in health and fitness, or an experienced journalist writing a column on the latest breaking news. They naturally have a passion for what they do, and chances are they will excel in it. If you own a marketing agency, consider hiring writers that come from different backgrounds – each an expert in his or her own right.

Have an appropriate fee structure. You want to make a profit, and that is perfectly natural. Just make sure that your pricing is in line with your competitors’. If you need to raise your fees, you will need to offer an advanced level of service to justify that. People will always be willing to pay higher fees – as long as they get value out of it.

Keep up with industry standards. Ensure that you have the latest and most widely used software available; such as MS Word. Avoid using word processors that no one has heard of, or a program that is 20 years old and incompatible with modern ones. You need to deliver quality work that will be acceptable for your clients

Stay updated with current issues in your industry. Be aware of new improvements in your chosen field, new technologies that are being used, and most of all, research your competitors. Know what their edge is and stay current with their service offerings. You don’t necessarily have to match them, but it is always good to know exactly where you stand.

Being a successful copywriter can be very rewarding and you can build up your company in as little as the first 2 years. Staying on top of your industry is important; and proper research cannot hurt either. Look after your clients; remember that they are your livelihood and a returning client is the best type to have. If you are starting an agency, look after your writers. They can literally make or break your reputation. If you have all of this mastered, you will be well on your way to copywriting success.

Importance Of Link Building For Website Promotion

Advertising and marketing is the vital link between buyers and sellers. It serves to inform the buyer about the services and products available and how it can help them. Advertising is essential to get attention of customers towards your business.E-commerce is no exception to this rule. Search engine marketing is a vital part of online marketing solutions today.

SEO optimization helps to garner publicity for your online business by ensuring high search engine ranking which will in turn generate greater web traffic for your site.Advanced link building has very important role to play in ensuring top position for your site on search engine ranks and getting targeted Jasminlive traffic. Search engine spiders love site with lots of links for they believe these site to be more important.

Getting quality links from reputable websites is like getting recommendations for your online business form well known sources. More the number of recommendations from trustworthy sources, higher the reputation of your business it provides.

Why You Need SEO Services?

No business can survive without effective marketing services. Advertising is the link between the buyers and the sellers. As a product or service provider you need to let your potential customers about the qualities of your goods or services.

Advertising will generate awareness about your product among the consumers which in turn will generate sales. Online business or e-commerce is no exception to this rule. Building an e-commerce store is only half the work; you need effective internet marketing services to draw attention of millions of web users to your store or site.

How can you achieve that? One of the most effective ways to market your services online is through search engine optimization or SEO optimization.

SEO marketing is one of the most powerful tools to promote your business online. Search engines are used by 70% of web users for research and one way to draw their attention is to make sure that you have a high position in search engine ranking.

Without proper SEO services you are missing out on reaching a huge customer base world wide. Not having a presence in search engine results mean that very few people can locate and view you online.

If people cannot view your marketing information how will they know what you are trying to sell them? So you need to capture a high search engine ranking which will get you much need attention from viewers world wide. This will increase the traffic to your site and generate sales for you. So hire a quality SEO service provider and sit back to enjoy the fruits.

How to Find the Best Search Engine Optimization Company

Are you a business owner looking to reach a wide range of potential customers online? You require SEO marketing or search engine optimization services if you want to build up a presence for your website, featuring your goods and services, on the World Wide Web.

SEO marketing includes a number of strategies like building reciprocal links, getting listed in e-zines, newsletters, web directories and search engines etc. Everything is done to generate more web traffic on to your site and to help your site garner a good search engine placement. High position in search engine ranking will in turn generate higher traffic to your site. Link building and maintaining a high rank in search engine listings is a tedious and time consuming process. You may not have so much time at hand or you may lack in SEO optimization skills. That is precisely why you require a professional SEO company that will work to promote your website online.

Remember that quality SEO services do not come very cheap. While a good SEO expert company will not be asking for exorbitant prices they will ask for fair price for their hard work. Do not hire any SEO expert who claims to provide quality services at extremely cheap rates. Their promises will not bear fruit. A good SEO marketing company will have their own well made website that will showcase the kind of internet marketing services they provide. If their website is shoddily made then you can rest assured that their work is of poor quality. So find an SEO expert with well designed site that has a solid reputation and presence online for that is exactly what you want for your site.

5 Effective Ideas to Write Your Homepage Copy

The carpets are kept at the doorstep of the entrance door of our homes and offices. Have you ever wondered why? It all starts with the first impression. We keep our entrances neat and clean because that leaves a great (or bad) impression in the minds of the entrants. It is very much possible that a visitor to your place returns right from the front of your business shop or home if the entrance is filthy, no matter how splendid your place would be from inside.

Same is the irony with the homepage of your website. It is the window to your website’s content. It has to be spectacular as it can be a defining element, a fine line between the success and failure of your online business (website). With so much clutter present over the web, you need to be creative and create a homepage copy that compels the visitor to stay on your site and converts into a customer of the products or services that you are offering.

With shrinking attention spans, one has to do it all in a blink of an eye or be prepared to face the negative consequences. Time on site is the maker or the destroyer of the online business. And homepage is the front wheel of your online cart. You get it right and half the battle would be near to the victory. Here are the 5 elements that can strengthen this crucial wheel and run your website in the precarious online space.

1. Visually appealing theme

The text, images or the videos play their part but their positioning has to be right. The overall designing of the homepage makes the visitor stay for long or compel him to leave it in a moment. Your homepage needs to be visitor friendly. The visitor should get contented while landing on your website’s homepage. It need not be very loud. The proverb “simplicity is the best policy” holds ground in the online business as well.

2. Look at your competitor’s work

What’s the harm in it? You have nothing to lose and will only gain in the process. This is commonplace in every Jasminelive business, irrespective of the medium through which it operates. You take an idea as to what is making your competitor sail smoothly and then make your own personal advancements. Remember, it’s not always the unique idea. Facebook was not the first social networking site. There were plenty of them in the market. Mark Zuckerberg just added some fresh elements to the existing business of Social Media and made billions in no time.

3. Scanning effect

As the attention time of the visitor is very small, your homepage should be like a scanner for the visitor. He should be able to go through the major highlights of your businessin a very short span of time. Use bulleted points, headers, sub-headers, bold and italics features to highlight the main components that the visitor would be looking for. An effective “call-to-action” can enhance your conversion rates.

4. Nothing can beat loyalty, it’s inevitable

Irrespective of the time, place and type of business, loyalty will prevail. It has been the core element of any successful business since the beginning of time and will continue to be for the ages to come. What you promise on your homepage of your site, make sure you deliver the same. Loyalty lost is visitor lost and henceforth a loss of a potential customer. Don’t use fake claims like ‘cheapest’, ‘fastest’, et cetera. Simply offer what you can actually provide. This loyalty towards the visitor will fetch you more business than using fake claims. Don’t aim for the short term gains that will not take you through the tough times ahead. Be prepared for a long journey with integrity and trustworthiness in your kitties.

5. Optimization is the ultimate charm

The pitch is ready, players are out, the game is about to begin, but there is no audience. Just imagine – a disaster. First and foremost, the people should be aware of the event only then a section of them goes ahead and buy the tickets. Same goes for your homepage. Get it Search Engine Optimized. At least let the prospective customers reach you. Thereafter it will be decided whether they are buying you or not. Don’t hesitate in spending some bucks on hiring professional SEOs and make your homepage link reach out to the online audience.

What’s the bottom line? Your homepage copy has to deliver on 3 major aspects – engaging, trustworthy and useful. A powerful homepage copy comprising of the above discussed elements can be the traffic generator for your entire website. Don’t just make efforts. Make efforts that will make your website a celebrity, a brand for the online customer that he/she will always look up to.

Social media and copywriting: a potent combination for your business

Copywriting and Social Media are two of the “hottest” areas in marketing for very good reason. It seems that you really can’t have one without the other. You may have great Social Media savvy, but your limited copywriting skills are preventing you from producing winning content. Or, you might be an engaging copywriter, but are still trying to get your head around the whole Social Media Marketing thing. One thing is for sure… When put together, Social Media and Copywriting are a potent combination for your business!

Check out this blog excerpt from Yelena McManaman, a VA (Virtual Assistant) who was participated in our live Copywriting Kingdom webinar last week:

“During the webinar Allison talked about turning an article into a few blog posts, several tweet tips, a newsletter feature, possibly some autoresponders and, for the most daring – into an info product. What’s more, according to her, most entrepreneurs already have at least one info product done, they just don’t realize it. It exists as a bunch of unconnected content – e-mail responses, contributions to forum discussions, blog posts, articles, even FAQ pages. All one has to do is to bring it together by copying, pasting and editing.

So I sent a quick e-mail…to a fellow VA. And then it just occurred to me that, darn, this is just what Allison and Craig were talking about – content from one channel fit to be used in another channel. So I quickly turned my e-mail into a blog post. And, of course followed that up with a couple of tweets.”

WOW, Copywriting and Social Media are SO connected!

My colleague and partner in CopywritingKingdom, Allison Nazarian and myself see the vital relationship between great copy and Social Media Marketing savvy. In the upcoming live training program we are starting on March 17th, 2009, we have designed a step-by-step blueprint to help VAs and business owners like yourself create and implement a Content Development Machine that will automate and generate the kind of response, traffic and client leads you need to grow your business in 2009 – and beyond.

We still have a few seat left in this program – check it out all the details at CopywritingKingdom.

Don't just shorten your URL: understand your social media traffic too

cligsCreating a shorter URL link, made increasingly popular by the micro-blogging giant Twitter, has now evolved into the next generation. You knew it was only a matter of time, right?

The new kid on the block is Cligs, which is growing at a rapid rate, providing not just shorter URLS, but the additional features of providing you the stats of your submitted links, with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting capability.

The driver behind Cligs is to help you understand your traffic. By tracking the traffic going thru your links, your online activity and the buzz it creates, whether for business or otherwise, is made transparent to you.

Why use Cligs? Besides being FREE and user-friendly, it provides:

- An informative Blog, regularly updated with news features and tips;

- Real-time analytics, who’s sharing your link and who’s linking to you;

- Geo-targeted destination URLs, to target your marketing and promotions on a per-country basis;

- Referral statistics, to show which links sent you traffic;

- Tools, gadgets and widgets, such as WordPress plugins;

- Various Twitter applications, such as a short a URL partnership with “Twitblogs”, the blogging service with Twitter which automatically gets tweeted with a link to the full post;

- Ability to create an unlimited number of cligs, pointing to the same destination from different sites for traffic tracking purposes;

- 100% search engine friendly.

Has anyone tested out Cligs yet? I would love to hear your feedback!

Beyond Facebook and Twitter - hernessing niche social networks

You’ve established your client’s presence on the major general Social Networks, and have successfully utilized the tools and features that have helped grow their business and brand authority. Well done! Effective marketing with the big networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a “must” for today’s business, and maintaining regular activity and reputation monitoring are part of your ongoing tasks as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

But is that all there is? Why not venture out and take a look around to see what else is going on?

Far from being the only networking options, (and at the risk of suffering what’s being coined “Facebook Fatigue”), it’s worth considering joining one or two niche Social Networks in your client’s industry, for yet more additional exposure, brand recognition, and as a valuable market research strategy outside the realms of the giant networks.

Remember, 75% of Internet Users were involved in Social Networking in 2008, and they weren’t all on Facebook or Twitter! It’s predicted 2009 will continue to see the rise of niche Social Networks, as people want to be a part of an online community where they can contribute and gain something back in a meaningful way.

New niche Social Networks are cropping up everywhere and online community forums are the new way people of like-mind gather and share ideas, information, link exchanges, and forge new joint venture collaborations. Whatever your client’s industry, be it health supplements or a fitness product, insurance, natural products, or a non-profit organization, you can bet there’s a niche Social Network where not only potential clients are hanging out, but other businesses competitors are tapping into!

As part of the overall Social Media Marketing action plan and strategy, researching and joining a select few niche Social Networks can only be beneficial in many ways, with your client’s active engagement, adding relevant value and gaining information on the current trends in their industry.

How do you find targeted, niche networks for your client to join? Chances are you’ll easily stumble upon them while surfing Web 2.0 with other activities anyway.